Volume 8 (2017)

The accounting profession: history and modernity

Innovations in services based on the example of tourism

An analysis of employee motivation systems in Pomeranian enterprises

The roots of macroprudential policy and the risk-taking channel of monetary policy

Fuel/carbon price vs. abatement technology in freight transport

Problems of sustainable social and economic development of Ukraine

Baltic states in the Eurozone: the accession process and results

Safeguards against violations of customs rules in the modern conditions of the formation of the fiscal space of Ukraine

Network externalities and market competitiveness

Managing IT services as a source of innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises of the ICT sector in Poland

Conflicts in the strategic business network operating in the foreign market

Social activity from the point of view of the commune of the zachodniopomorskie voivodeship

Financing renewable energy sources investment in Poland

The duration of border control procedures related to the handling of freight transported by means of sea-road transport chains as a component in competitiveness of the Polish seaports

Poland in and outside the euro zone – risks and benefits in the light of new political and economic determinants

Cross-border e-commerce – problems in identification and measurement

Methods for improving availability and efficiency of computer infrastructure in smart cities

The influence of purchasing on savings generation in production companies

Parameter repeatability for economy. A case study of a simple linear electrical device

Changes in the Polish banking system after 1989

Contemporary dilemmas of the search for new economic governance

Location and potential Port of Gdynia as elements of its competitiveness

Combined transport of containers on the lower Vistula

The Institution of Duty-Free Zones in Polish seaports

Generation Y’s interest in internet banking services – the results of empirical studies

The dynamics of employee behaviour in the process of innovative change

Evaluation studies in Poland in the years 2007-2013 and their critical assessment

Risk management in the operating activities of an enterprise and in public-private partnership projects

The capital structure of Polish companies in the light of selected theories

Trends in unemployment during the last economic recession in Sweden

Legal regulations and the market of insurance services in the SME sector in 2014-2015 as exemplified by Poland

Machine learning for the self-organization of distributed systems in economic applications

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