Volume 3 (2012)

Rules for selection of computer system to support customer relationships management

Behavioral determinants of play in a stag-hunt coordination game – a pilot study

The risk in IT projects – statistical evaluation tools

Advantages and disadvantages of leasing

Container shipping in crisis

Capital structure and organization of an enterprise and its market value

Interactions between demand for self-insurance and for market insurance

State of global fisheries – trends and predictions

The costs and risk of introduction of the euro in Poland

Internet marketing in the SME sector

Location of knowledge about consumers

Effect of increase in risk aversion on self-insurance in dynamic model

Trends of shipping markets development

Economic condition of the transport, freight forwarding and logistics sector in Poland in the situation of the global economic recession

Effective use of the Internet by the SME sector

The concept of and factors affecting transport accessibility of seaports

Macroeconomic surroundings of transport and logistics sector in Poland during the global economic crisis

The importance and applications of ROI in measuring efficiency of IT virtualization

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