Submitting a manuscript

Publication Guidelines and Criteria

  • Manuscripts should be prepared according to the rules outlined in the “Preparation of manuscript” section.
  • All manuscripts will be peer reviewed. The process takes about a month and the author will be notified of the result (manuscript accepted/rejected) as soon as possible. If applicable, the author should make any final revisions suggested by the reviewers and resubmit the manuscript within 14 days. Accepted articles will be published in the next available issue of the Journal.
  • The Editors reserve the right to shorten and edit manuscripts accepted for publication.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted by email to: (.doc or .docx file)
  • Publication is free of charge and the author is not entitled to any remuneration.
  • The paper will be available on Contemporary Economy website and on UGN Academic Scientific Journals (open access).
  • By submitting a manuscript (including all figures and tables) the author declares that the paper has not been published, or submitted for publication, elsewhere. Moreover, they declare that, upon acceptance of manuscript, all copyrights for publication and distribution of the paper are automatically transferred free of charge to the Publisher.
  • In case of several authors, the corresponding author must indicate the contribution of all co-authors to the manuscript (e.g. who designed the research, chose methodology, performed the research, analyzed the data, wrote which part of the manuscript)
  • A declaration form needs to be filled, signed and sent back to the editor.
  • Plagiarism, falsification, ghostwriting, guest authorship and other dishonest practises are breaches of academic integrity and will be investigated, documented and uncovered by the Editorial Committee.
  • The author should inform the Editorial Committee about the sources of funding, academic institutions, scientific institutes, and any other organizations that have supported the work.

Preparation of manuscript

    • Text format
      Manuscript should be written in English, using Times New Roman font, size 12 and saved in .doc or .docx format. Article files should be provided in Microsoft Word format. It should be no longer than 15 pages. Articles should be between 3000 and 5000 words in length. This includes all text including references and appendices. All figures and tables should be annotated, referenced and included in the text file.
    • Text layout
      The manuscript should include (in the following order): title of the manuscript, author(s), abstract (100-200 words with three sub-headings: purpose, methodology, findings), keywords (up to 6 words to aid indexing of the article), JEL classification (up to 5 codes from the Journal of Economic Literature), introduction, body sections (with numbered headings), conclusions, references (in alphabetical order, not numbered). After references, a list of all authors and their affiliations, including complete address of the institution and contact email, is expected. The manuscript must be written in APA style. Download manuscript template MS Word format or PDF format.

Overview of the Peer Review Process

  • Peer review process is double-blind.
  • The reviews are in a written form (Manuscript review form) and the overall mark decides whether the manuscript will be accepted or rejected.
  • Two independent (i.e. not affiliated with author’s institution) external reviewers are chosen to assess the manuscript. List of reviewers
  • In case of contradictory decisions, a third reviewer is chosen and their decision is final.
  • Criteria for reviewing manuscripts are: suitability for the Journal, original approach, methodology, quality of the study, comprehensiveness, language and presentation.


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