Volume 10 (2019)

Training and remuneration systems as motivational incentives based on the example of company x – case study

Forward guidance as a tool of the European Central Bank’s monetary policy

The expected green revolution becomes the new main engine of modern shipping

Macroeconomic determinants of corporate failures in Poland

The effect of financial risk on the demand for supplementary health insurance

Investment efficiency of life insurance companies in Germany: application of a two-stage SBM

Forecasting production volume in a plastics enterprise

ARIMA model used to analyze the demand for swimming pool services

How to prevent and defend against mobbing in a workplace?

Opportunities to use innovation partnership in public investment

The effects of The Common Fisheries Policy on the theory of the availability of marine resources

Analysis of artificial intelligence and automation and robotisation of processes as factors influencing structural changes in employment in industrial production

Potential consequences of immigration to the European Union and the possibility of limiting the scale of this phenomenon

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