Volume 6 (2015)

Spatio – temporal analysis of road accidents in Poland

Endogenous and exogenous factors of the economic development from the perspective of finance communes

The impact of the nationalization of the pension fund assets expressed by Treasury Bonds on public finance

Scrubbers as shipowners’ response to the sulphur directive and its implications for the waste management in Baltic Ports

Architecture of European System of Financial Supervision after the global economic crisis

Bank Palmas case from Brazil as a way to fight with local crisis the XXI century

Influence of knowledge workers on the process of creating of innovative services in enterprises from the Baltic Sea Region

E-commerce market and perspectives for the reverse commerce

Evaluation of e-recruitment level among the largest companies in Poland – project of research

Some paradigms of artificial intelligence in financial computer systems

Road transport of dangerous substance with special emphasis on liquid fuels

Strategic market position of the Gdansk Airport

Analysis of crime rate determinants in the subregions of Poland

Evolution of innovation activity in the context of size of enterprises in west Pomeranian province – 
system approach

Channels and determinants of technology diffusion

The outline of the history of money development and of the monetary system – selected aspects of the issue

Analysis of the investment risk in cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Labor market – historical determinants

Association of operating risk of long-term
obligations of municipalitiy of Sopot with European Union budget prospects for 2007-2013

Sales documents in purchase and sale transactions 
of steam coal in Poland

Influence of the manager on the effectiveness 
of employees in the contemporary enterprise

Power management safety in EU and the energy policy in transportation

Product placement in brand promotion

Analysis of tunneling on the Polish capital market

Conflict as a source etiology pathology 
in organization

The participation of small and medium-sized
 enterprises in the processing of GDP – Poland on the background of the European Union

Selected professional activation instruments 
of women during pregnancy and childbirth in Poland

The regional differentiation of salaries and wages 
in Poland, tendencies in that respect

Review of market mechanism features of innovation support in agriculture industry in more
 economically developed countries: strategies for Russian Federation

Determinants of competitiveness of Denmark, Finland and Sweden during economic slowdown 2007–2013

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