Volume 4 (2013)

Impact of background risk on self-insurance against health loss

The value of transport services and positioning of shipping companies

Recycling of merchant ships

Competition among ports on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea for the Russian and Eastern European market

Kenya – world leader in mobile payments

Artificial neural networks and support vector machine in banking computer systems

Assessment criteria of Polish customs services effectiveness in customs clearance of foreign trade goods

Global market system structurization of maritime trade

Pathology of motivation system – reasons and consequences

Budget, fiscal and monetary policy in Poland and demand for transport – forwarding – logistics industry services

The choice of directions for optimization of Ukrainian marine transport potential

Importance of administration and entrepreneurship in the development of Ukrainian sea transport

State of global fisheries – management policies

Foreign direct investment in the Polish economy

Ukraine in the process of freight market globalisation

Economization of public services sector and its consequences

UML in business process modeling

Primary housing market in Elblag from 2008 till the first quarter of 2012 – selected aspects

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