Analysis of tunneling on the Polish capital market

Mariusz Bochiński

The article has been raised on a problem of tunneling the companies. Tunneling in a widely understood is a conflict between controlling and minority shareholders in a company. The main aim of the article is to describe main aspects of tunneling. The first part contains characteristics of forms of tunneling. Ensure the protection of the interests of minority shareholders still is a major and unsolved mystery for specialists in the economy. The interests of each member should be protected, and therefore we can ask: How to effectively protect the interests of these shareholders? Dominants in companies often progressing to the use of illegal techniques to get benefit. Everything is done at the expense of “small” shareholders. Tunneling companies is one of these techniques. Tunneling companies can take different forms depending on what it refers to. The second part contains mathematical model of tunneling of the company. At the end of the article are shown Polish companies in which discover the tunneling.

Analysis of tunneling on the polish capital market


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