Research on strategies of sport event sponsorship

Joanna Jedel


The purpose of this article is to analyse and understand sports sponsorship based on a study of corporate sponsorship and its strategies. The paper adopts the survey method to present the power of sports sponsorship, examine enterprise-sponsored sports and the purpose of sponsorship. This research will rely on the literature and case-study data drawn from specific instances of sports sponsorship.

Methodology – This research study takes advantage of the survey method, questionnaires, SPSS software, comparative analysis, literature review, contrastive analysis, descriptive statistics, comparison, inference and conclusion.

Findings – Attempt to find a relation between television broadcast, corporate logo, and the correlation of cumulative audience, the level of competition, athletes; determine the significance of individual factors; determine the degree of correlation between the impact of a sports event on the image of the sponsor.

 Research on strategies of sport event sponsorship


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