Knowledge of air quality and its share on life and health

Piotr Oskar Czechowski, Tomasz Owczarek

Purpuse – The purpose of the study is to assess people’s knowledge of air quality and its effects on health. We are also interested in actions taken by people to improve air quality.
Methodology – The study used the data from a study conducted by Legionów in 2017, in a group of more than 250 people. We used parametric and non-parametric statistical methods to inference: parametric and non-parametric ANOVA, Mann-Whitney U test, median test, chi-squared independence test and clustering analysis.
Findings – Researchers are interested in the quality of air in their environment and are convinced that it has an impact on their lives. They are convinced that cars and trucks moving nearby and central heating chimneys are affected by it. They note that air quality has an impact on their health, especially in respiratory diseases. It is interesting to note that younger people are more likely to be affected, which may suggest that the knowledge they come from outside is not the result of a life experience.
Knowledge of air quality and its share on life and health


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